The Un-Revealed love.

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You smiled and giggled,

With the fact you said were,

Instead you uncovered the truth,

That it’s isn’t easy to live without my love.

You dismissed the reality,

With the shine in your eyes,

It came into noticed that,

Those were the blocked emotional cries.

The love died in you,

You explained it very well,

The increased heartbeat murmured me,

When my hands touched yours.

You walked away in no time,

The reason made it very clear,

The presence of mine in your life,

Still bothers you, as to your love hidden dear.

No promises to return back,

To see me again in life,

The warnings of concerned gave me hopes,

To believe in the words left unsaid…


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A prophet’s words are nothing of his own like the words that drop from the tip of a writer’s ink. Both are borne of a greater will and must exile their hearts to places unknown. As the beads that outline and define the contours of a woman’s waist, they are vessels that must make more room for one more and be the edge that will lead frail hearts on into believing what exists, what doesn’t, or even both…who cares?

A writer is what I say we all become, out of too much knowledge when what we see isn’t what we think we see and what we are isn’t what we see ourselves to be. When ordinary words begin to weigh too much on us and go viral like that madman who roamed my mother’s village telling us that his father wasn’t the son of his father…I laugh. Words!…

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the post i’ve been avoiding


Does God really care about your religion?

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temple Do you ever struggle, no, not with what to say, but how to say it?

My whole life I’ve been a pleaser. A goodie-goodie. A teacher’s pet. No, not on purpose. I’ve never taken a teacher donuts, but I have always done my best. I studied hard and made good grades. I never partied, even in college. I’ve never smoked a cigarette, and the only piercings I have are single holes in my ears.

I was raised Seventh-day Adventist, and Seventh-day Adventists just didn’t do those things.

The only area in which I’ve ever been a “rebel,” really, has been in my thought patterns. At fourteen I fell in love with a young man who would eventually choose to become a Catholic priest. Talk about challenging your faith. The Adventist church preaches that the Pope is the Antichrist predicted in the Books of Daniel and Revelation. How could an Adventist…

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The Love of Football

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I’ve often found it quite baffling
People’s immense love for a sport
That’s nothing more than ball handling
And a thunderous crowd of rare support.
Male and female, old and young
The spirit takes over their hearts and souls
Holding them captive, and quite overhung
Until the scoring of the goals.

Have you noticed the deserted streets
On a day a match is to be played?
Have you observed the loud drumbeats
That accompanies a team-win parade?
I ask myself, is this love or is this obsession?
Is this fan sell-out without discretion?
That a ball-engage in a ninety minute session
Would elicit from so many, such weighty expression.

Football binds the country, they’re quick to say
Football is an antidote for dismay
Whether to watch or whether to play
Football reigns every day.
At this point, there’s nothing more that I can say
Other than pass the ball, and…

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Celebrate Life

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Saint Viola

Birthdays are special times in our lives
To celebrate the gift of God that is called life
Birthdays are special moments in our lives
To recount with joy the goodness of this life
Not that it’s always been so full of roses
Or there’ve not been situations that get up our noses
But we’ve by grace sailed through life’s courses
And triumphed in glory over contending forces
So, we celebrate the fact that we’re alive
That we reign and rule, and more than survive
We celebrate the love, the care and all things sincere
Outpourings of our hearts that we happily share
And we celebrate the One who gives us strength
For every single day we’re on earth.
Happy Birthday!

© VIOLA AKHIGBE, March 2014
Educationalist & Word Artist

Viola’s Celebrate Life was also published in THE NATION Newspaper on Wednesday, March 12, 2014 (Pg. 48) –



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