I feel a thing
A thing that spins
As sharp as a pin
Always it continue to sting

Though I can’t describe the feeling
But I kept on dreaming
Of a thing that kept streaming
In the veins of my body without ending

In all of my thoughts
Am always got caught
In the strength of its lot
Not knowing what else will come

From the first day I met you
I found everything about you so good
Though tend to take everything so cool
But I ended acting like a fool

My mind was real blank
But my head felt like a tank
And my lips were heavy to move like a plank
Even though I try being frank

I summoned the courage to ask for your friendship
Even though I know you wouldn’t give me a chance so cheap
Knowing fully well you’ll be in a relationship
I couldn’t hold back from getting a sip

But I was surprised you get me drunk with pride
You brought into my life good tidings
I couldn’t get no more to hide
The feeling that kept me on the ride

Oh! Now I think have got a match
Of this thing that kept me on the match
Which started in the month of March
When I get hold of it with great catch

Its a thing called LOVE!
A feeling above all
Even when odds stream up
I found myself still in the gulf

After telling me all you’ve done
And every stump you’ve torn
In the passage of relationships lawn
This feeling still kept on the burn

Just wanna tell you what streams always in my thoughts
The feeling to say I love you with all my heart
Even when everything becomes dark and tight
I will keep on the fight until its bright…


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