“Boys are bad!”
“Males are mad!”
“Guys are devil”
“All are evil”
That’s what they say
And all through the way
They never care to see
Or believe the sweetness of the Sea
Since the beginning
God made man in His image
And completing His vintage
He gave men the greatest gift
The gracious and blessed rosy Thrift
But when it came
The Shark that brings the blame
It disturbs the Sea to its brim
Until it drowns the Thrift to its dream
The Thrift becomes so wet
Even to its innermost dearing heart
So they decided to leave the shore
And leave the Sea to become sore
Then gardering together to form a garden
For themselves a new generation of Eden
Defeating God’s purpose for their lifes
‘Cos with the Sea, they ought to multiply
For no matter how they grow
Or how far they go
They will surely need the Sea …
Though guys may be real bad
And seem so tough and hard
As the wildest Lion can be tamed
So can the worst man be changed
Though the whole may seem thesame
And bear a unique name
But no matter how unique
And you try to seek
You will surely find a man
Who will forever be your fan;
Life is a game of chance
Only won by the best ones
Who learn without aches
From others foolish mistakes
Knowing from the start
And putting always in heart
That there’s no perfect one
Will always get you on
Though everything I said
May seem a little weird
But if you really open your eyes
And try seperating the lies
Ypu will clearly see the fact
That we all have our impact
Both guys and gals are bad
Which makes both tides sad
‘Cos you never know who is right
Or who should really win your heart
Girls may be real liers
And guys may be players
But we’ve all got to try
And put on a tie
Until we see one that fits
But not all to the teeth
Since no one is perfect
And no one lands from heaven direct
Then we’ve all got to manage
What the world gives us to savage
Else we’ll be stagnant forever
Like a Sea having fever
Becoming a Lake without flow
And the Thrifts stop to glow
Though you might think you’ve seen the worst
But the worst is yet to come if you keep the host
Having a or multiple fall
Doesn’t mean to give up the all
For every fall is a step
And with others help
You keep up the might
To get to the highest height
When you feel down
Because of a guys torn
And never move forward
As the soldiers match onward
Even despite their plight
They never give up the fight
You’ll continue to be in the dark
And other goods might be captured by the Shark
Try to see beyond men’s faults
Then you’ll be blessed with the great vaults
Holding each guys best treasures
Locked deep in the closures
But can only be unlocked
By the greatest gift of all
The master key of hearts
The soul of all lives
Which descends like a blessed Dove
As gentle as a Sheep
And as wild as a Lions heap
As small as an Ant
And as giant as an Elephant
Use it real wisely
And reap the harvest greatly
For even a dead clock
Will always be right twice before the day clocks
For if a door is found closed
Another or a greater gate will be found open;
Even though you’ve failed once or more
Give another a love chance tour
For the next
Might be the best!


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