A dream, I will call a vision
Of things to come true
It has been from the creation
To let known the things that are true;
I dreamt a dream
A dream of you
Shinning like a beam
All through the dew
When the sun rises, then ‘could see clearly
Your magnificent beauty above the horizons
Then I moved nearer
To catch the glimpse of your great beauty
Clearly, I could see your smile growing broader
Faintly giving me doubt if its truely reality
Then I was captivated when I saw your hair
It was flowing like springs of water from a mountain
This made me believe its true and not a lie
Because your beauty caused me pain
So, I raised my hands to touch your face
In other to feel all the parts
But when I felt the grace
All my systems fell apart
Then I could feel the rush
To hug and hold you
Without given a damn hunch
Of what you may say or do
Surprisingly, I could see an inviting smile
Urging me to kiss you
Then the small distance felt like a mile
So I had to pull
I felt your lips in and on mine
And your tongue salvaging all around
Which I later pulled into line
Then my heart began to pound
And I kissed you more with passion
Not caring what’s around us
Then you fell into action
And never gave a single pause
I felt your body melting into mine
And I could no longer resist the urge
Then you start to groan for me to follow the rhyme
B’cos you want to feel me inside you
But I tried to resist
When I condescended to go low into you
Then I felt a sharp pain from a fist
With anger I tried looking up
Then found it’s already morn’n
I was greatly disappointed for the flop
B’cos it was only just a dream!..


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