A genuine dotty relationship
That started through friendship
Is the best, one can ever wish

No secret is lone own
For all of the other is known
And closer they be at each turn

Even when scared by the tide
Through all storms they’ll ride
Together always side by side

Though friends we decide only to be
But falling in love is what we reap
And yet we kept the grip

All my feelings for her
I nurture always in my heart
‘Cos I fear our friendship I mar

Not that I’m scared to sow
Nor do I fear to show
But the boat of love, I know not to row

When I decided it’s time
To tell her all in my mind
And show all I kept behind

She came unto me
And called me a wimp
And a thoughtless mean

For long she had waited
Until she actually became sated
Hoping I will come out bold

Through talks she whimper
And finally mutter the greatest part
The one that tore me apart

She is now pregnant!
For a guy she ones want’d
Whose presence left her hunt’d

Now its too late!
For I don’t know whether still to wait
Or simply accept that as my fate

For all I thought it seems
I can’t keep but wonder and think
Had she really loved me?


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