I hear this all the time
I see this every time
Friends falling in love
Believing it’s not all a false
Whenever I see guys and gals
Saying they are once pals
But now they are in love
I felt pity b’cos its not gonna last long
And think of it as damn gross
B’cos its gonna lead to an everlasting loss
I don’t know why they can’t see what they feel
Because it’s not damn so real
But there’s only one thing I believe
That the lot is gonna end up in a grieve
Though everyone wishes them luck
But I know its all gonna suck
Why can’t you all see what I see
Everything is as clear as a sea
A love started with friendship
Is all just a bull shit
What’s there to enjoy
In a relationship that you’ve already known all
There are no new things to say
No new surprises or game to play
You’ve known all your fears
And no more burden to share
No new friends to meet
No more fascinating place to visit
Everything will be damn so boring
B’cos there is nothing else to keep you luring …
Whew! I was swept off my feet
I became damn so stunned
Couldn’t believe I could et so moved
When this great feeling started
A feeling so great
That’s without a defined rate
The feeling of LOVE
That closed my eyes to odds
Whenever I hear your voice
My spirit and mind rise
Your words have heard a million times
Now sound like the angel rhymes
My heart skips always
Every time I see your graceful face
Am cut off my feet
As my blood feels on heat
Your radiance kept me stunned
Like the grace of the sun
Though I can’t touch but watch
B’cos am always on the watch
You are always fearless
And leaves me always speechless
Your beauty I can’t run from
‘Cos every time I’m caught on the run
When I see you with other guys
All I could hear is their lies
Am not saying am that wise
Or am better than others
‘Think its b’cos I feel something great
Something designed by fate
A feeling of love that kept me jealous
Not able to get to you to my loss
Built by my fault
Secured as a vault
The wall I built between us
‘Cos I never expected the worse
Breaking the wall can cause war
Which can bring about my fall
But I would rather choose to be at loss
And be a slave of your love
Loving you was never a mistake
Hoping you never be dismayed
And loose great faith
In me who’s love hate;
Life’s a war
And we are damn to fall
But standing and rise
Choosing to be wise
Would only move us to the height
Which we’ve never seen right
Thinking love started as friendship is a lie
Kept me in the loop of a love tie
Though you might not believe me
B’cos have always been so mean
I hope you’ll give me a chance
To take my first and only stance
And prove my thought
In the right way and worth
Though I may not have the right words
And might seem real absurd
I only just want you to know
That from the depth of my heart low
I love you
And can never do without you …


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  1. Onyinye says:

    I love dis blog


    1. oh love 🙂 thank you so much 😀


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