LOVE is a bond between two
Which has been created by God for you
It’s the feeling of affection
To manifest the desire of passion
Love is a two way traffic
Which may arrive at an avenue called tragic
If both felt the pain
Of leaving each other to pine;
But love could be real great
Without any form of hate
Even if separated by millions of mile
They will still share the smile
If there comes a foe
They endeavour still to glow
Love is felt from the depth of the heart
But could be blotted if hurt
Either by being too jealous
Or feeling really obsessed
Listening to others’ opinions rained
Would collapse with a single breeze
Love developed with time
Grows to a better realm
Love is great when there is trust
And guess what?!
It’s the greatest when it’s YOU
And forever, will my love be for YOU!




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