I do feel lonely most of time
I wonder how to spend and enjoy my time
I looked and searched to no avail
Until the day you were revealed

Though I was afraid to talk to you
I summoned courage to know you
I was glad to know you are friendly
Because you made me less lonely

After our first chat
I became fully alert
Because I know you are the chosen one
Who will kill all the lone

I fell in love with your voice
And I kept listening to your recorded voice
Until twilight becomes dawn
I never wanted to leave the lawn

Then when the dogs bark and mourn
Am brought back to the present that’s morn’
For every hour of every day
I bless each, for you are always there

But I was really sad and almost cry
When you told me about your lovely fry
Then I silenced the shout
Hoping I will still get a shot

I was made real dull
When you said I should never call
Then it really boost up my faith
When you said we can still be friends

When I learnt about your love for your boy
I never wish to be a bomb
But my love for you has already grown
And can never allow you to be gone

So I asked for only a chance of friendship
Which I know will reduce the hardship
Even though our friendship might end on earth
But your love will always be in my heart

Forever, will I treasure and adore you
Forever, will I cherish and love you
No matter what comes in between us
I will never forget the love between us

I love you
And I’ll always do
Obim, my heart!


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