All from the start
What I wanted with heart

Is a friendship that ‘ll last forever
A union I’ll never regret ever

But now you regard me as a lier
And thought I was just a perfect player

All because I fell in love with you
Knowing I mayn’t be good enough for you

I don’t know what you wish to hear
I don’t know what you like to share

I remind you of your past
And never let you have enough rest

Just because I love to hear your voice
I call you all night all for no cause

I ain’t damn funny
And not kind of bunny

Everytime I think
And remember you never gave a blink

About my faulty parts
And all my bad habit acts

I think am just a worse friend
That’s beyond correction tend

Though have tried my might
To be acceptable always in your sight

So I told you I’ll be gone for a month
And hear what you’ll voice out

Hoping you’ld have forgotten me when am back
And you forgetting all of my mark

If by luck this comes true
And you forget me and start anew

And you forget me and start anew
I just want you to know

That your love I will keep to glow

Just wish you could promise me
Never to yourself be mean

And give your body to anyone
In other to prove yourself honey

Till the D-day of your wedding
So you won’t have a bad ending

And my love for you will grow forever
To the end without a bit shiver.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Thank you for joining up with us, sorry for the delay in visiting but life happened. It’s good you can express yourself in poetry not everyone can, it’s a gift.

    God tells us as what we think in our heart, so our actions follow, good and bad, this is why we all need to be careful , rubbish in rubbish out.

    Christian Love from us both – Anne


  2. Thank you for following my blog. I would like to see more of your work so I am following as well


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