Life is a game
That you must try to tame
You either get the fame
Or get all the blame

Since when I was a child
I wonder why people keep off the sun and hide
And also lament for drowning problem tides
Still I never know the world was never mild

I remember then looking at different lives
I could see mine was a unique life
So I asked God to make me strife
In other to know how really difficult is life

This I thought now with great rage
Was the greatest mistake I ever made
Now all the sage put on a page
Can’t save me from my new image cage

Then God gave me a test
In other to know if am worthy than the rest
A test inform of a *** to check my best
And blessed me with his grace for a crest

For seven years I suffered the sting
I couldn’t set myself free from this ***
‘Cos of the pleasure it brings, I couldn’t think
And the chances of escape now grows more thin

Anytime I put up a fight
It then clings more so tight
And its darkness covers all the light
Which makes me always so fright

It has made me all so weak
Now I can’t envisage getting to the peak
B’cos every of my plans had got a leak
I know not what else to seek

Everything around me now seems upside down
Because the *** has gotten me all drown
Now all my friends I can’t trust and see them as clowns
Which makes all ways blocked and no where else turn

For now I think its because of what He gave
The crest, that has kept on my hope to crave
For string till the end so brave
Out of the filthy sinful cave

I just hope His grace will abide to the end
And never stop to fend and tend
So that I won’t have to fall or bend
From the right path by the wind …