Life’s all about ups and downs
It depends on where we get blown
And how we control the flings
That’ll determine our loss or wins

Life’s always of two parts
The success and the fall apart
For there’ll always be the pass and fail’
All is set on how you design your tale

Everyman is damn to fall
But what makes one different from all
Is how you make use of your failure
To bring forth a new treasure

Every fall in a man’s life
Can develop you better to thrive
Depending on your first step of start
To either move forward or back

Life’s strife is like climbing up a ladder
Step by step all the way higher
Missing a rung might send you far down
But your grip would determine your rebound

Next rungs after your stepping rung are your grip
Which holds you steady after a flip
Not having a grip is like no focus
For your focus determines your success in each locus

As long your ladder leans on the right wall of success
Losing grip and falling should never leave you clueless
Recovering from each fall & re-girding makes you success-full
But repeating mistakes or losing hope makes you a failure fool!