I wonder what love is turning me into
Many a time I thought to myself
Falling in love is the best
But now I know the truth
Standing in love is the greatest
Standing in love is to stay in love
Despite all odds and faults
Keeping up with the love of your heart
But what I find myself in
I have not a clue of
For every relationship I find myself
Gets knot up and tied down
For long I made up my mind
Never to fall nor stand in love
But stay totally off the grid
And close my eyes off all
There is this new girl at work
Despite my vow never to get attached
I can’t keep off but notice
The beaut’ of her smile
The dimples craving on her cheeks
The curve of her lips
The cuteness of her glittering teeth
The roundness of her nose
The dazzling in her eyes
Her eyelashes are glossy and straight
Her hair flows like a stream
Soft and glowing like silk
The elegance of her whole beaut
Encompasses unlimited qualifications
I get lost always in my mind
For when comparing her beaut
I find no justifiable match
Her beaut’ is so magnificent and glorious
What pains and tortures me most
Is the affection I built by mistake
One thing I vowed never to do
For its last cut is yet to heal
And now am in love again
With the worst un-comparable attributes
For in all ways I can think of
She supercedes my qualifications
She’s older, richer and wiser
Letting her know of my love for her
Might mar our friendship forever
For she might think I did so
Because of what and who she is
Despite all these, I found myself glued
For now, I know not what to do
For questions kept rolling and pulling
Questions which all I have no answers to
Why should age hinder my love?
Why should riches put me off?
Why should wisdom class me down?
Why they supersede, I know not!..