The Love of Football


I’ve often found it quite baffling
People’s immense love for a sport
That’s nothing more than ball handling
And a thunderous crowd of rare support.
Male and female, old and young
The spirit takes over their hearts and souls
Holding them captive, and quite overhung
Until the scoring of the goals.

Have you noticed the deserted streets
On a day a match is to be played?
Have you observed the loud drumbeats
That accompanies a team-win parade?
I ask myself, is this love or is this obsession?
Is this fan sell-out without discretion?
That a ball-engage in a ninety minute session
Would elicit from so many, such weighty expression.

Football binds the country, they’re quick to say
Football is an antidote for dismay
Whether to watch or whether to play
Football reigns every day.
At this point, there’s nothing more that I can say
Other than pass the ball, and…

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