For the depressed…


  • When you are supposed to be way ahead and you’re way behind and you’re dissed by the secondaries. Just watch. Time would tell.
  • You, my dear, only you can make yourself the best with His help. Don’t let them get to you. You’re the best, yes you are.
  • To those with cholera-infested mouths, beware! Not everything is a person’s handiwork. There’s divine decree in play here.
  • Success in itself is a test which people fail the most. When your success is at hand, my dear, remember you’ve once been at the other end of the table. Don’t allow it intoxicate you. It was never by your power, it was His mercy.
  • Some people have it worse. Patience, Perseverance, Gratitude always.
  • My dear, overlook the disrespect, disappointment, let down looks, insults, assumptions, comparisons. They’d shape you into that “formidable high” you’re going to be.
  • Life isn’t always smooth. It’s a roller…

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