Its all about the mind!.. Say all, Share all, No secrets!


When I write a poem,

It’s not about rhyme.

It’s not about fun,

Well, not all the time.

It’s all about rhythm,

And feelings inside,

How I write about it,

How I confide.

You can’t just sit down,

And expect to create.

A poem that’s wonderful,

One that is great.

You must have emotion,

Whether happy or sad.

Or you may even feel Upset or mad.

But these are the few things,

You need to know.

To write a good poem,

With a good flow..

Am just a poet!

Am not the best

But am better than the rest.. 🙂 (y) 😉 :*



Please feel free to post your comments and advice 🙂

Thank you ❤


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  1. 🙂 Wow!


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